Treasury Management

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Supports liquidity including cash forecasting based on the commitment cycle, historical trends and manager reports. Supports debt servicing and the modelling of debt and investment financial vehicles.


Migrates many bank accounts to a single virtual account to more effectively manage reserves, investments and debt. Modules provide additional features that can be combined and configured to create solutions for government.

The FreeBalance Accountability Platform is a web-based Java-powered platform designed for government financial management. The FreeBalance Accountability Suite supports the highest international standards for fiscal management and accounting, including those from:. Back to Top. What are the consequences of economic change and technological development for Treasury? Nowadays, market developments are so fast that treasury departments cannot lag behind.

Treasury Management

The volatilities in the financial markets, regulatory requirements, technological developments and new business models all call for changes in finance and treasury management. To achieve this, structures, processes, plans and strategies need to be re-examined.

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This in turn requires an in-depth understanding of objectives and methodologies, IT solutions, reporting, accounting and regulations, not to mention tax and legal expertise. In some cases, a complete redesign of the treasury department may make more sense than simply performing minor adjustments.

Nevertheless, taking a holistic look at accounting principles, regulations, controlling matters, IT strategies as well as legal, tax and staff issues, might be needed.

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If this is done well, challenges translate into opportunities and create a Treasury Department that is much more proactive and adds value to the company. Based on our long-term experience with the most varied projects in finance and treasury management, KPMG has developed a model that integrates all areas affected in a single solution. As in all we do, we strive to ensure that the solutions chosen are efficient and appropriate.

Introduction to Treasury Management Process

The team to serve you will be put together according to your individual requirements. We will take into account the latest developments in legislation, regulations and IT and leverage our knowledge edge from comparable projects.

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Efficient Treasury processes have become unthinkable without a stable system landscape. KPMG offers specialist advice to help you navigate the changing regulatory landscape. Skip to content.


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Treasury Management – What is Treasury Management

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