The Privileged Planet: How Our Place in the Cosmos Is Designed for Discovery

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I first saw the documentary on these guys, and their book goes into so much more detail.

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I won't pretend to follow every detail of the science, but the basic arguments are clear and accessible. It's brilliant to see two guys who have the sense to step back and see the whole picture! Does an amazing, if not over detailed, job of explaining how special earth really is. I wouldn't call this light listening but it's well worth purchasing.

Privileged Planet (Chapter 5 of 12)

Is intelligent design the same as creationism? No, is the answer given. Is earth the product of an undirected process such as natural selection acting on random variations or the product of an intelligent cause? I purchased the video after listening to the book, stunning and elaborate. I thoroughly enjoyed this book the authors presented their arguments in a clear concise manner and while I am inclined to believe their arguments because that's what I would like to believe anyway they seem to be very objective.

This book made me want to explore math and the sciences more than I ever have before. A good study i enjoyed from the start to finish. I will plan on reading more on this subject. It's unclear how such great thought is so rare in the scientific field. This is a paradigm shifting and perception changing book.

It's amazing how it makes a big difference what we think before we think, and the assumptions we may have that we are not even aware that we have.

The Privileged Planet: How Our Place in the Cosmos is Designed for Discovery

This book helps bring to light some of the most important aspects of how we see our universe and existence. Worth a second read, it perks my interest in who I am and how to interpret the things around me, in a way that opens my eyes and mind, and will see the world in a better and larger way. It is unbelievable that the Bible actually confirms this particular book at Ecc. It gives the explanation as being that is why God made man to live forever to try to find out everything that he had created. Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

A little wordy but it does cover just how awesome is the positioning of the earth really is to permit life. Just a minute change in dimensions or distances would not permit life. Who was your favorite character and why? Easy listening and understandable.

The Privileged Planet

Most leading scientists teach that life has no purpose or meaning, except that which we ourselves give to it. We are simply living on an ordinary planet, one of many that exist in our average galaxy, which is one of many galaxies in the known universe.

Orthodox science also teaches that life ultimately evolved here because of time, natural law, and chance, and will soon disappear. Interestingly, while The Privileged Planet supports its view with empirical facts, Sagan did not support his faith statement with any evidence.

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In fact, his claim about the cosmos cannot even be tested scientifically. The film also caused the Museum to reevaluate its policy and broaden its definition of religious content—now any evidence that supports theism will be banned in the future. Evidently only evidence that supports atheism can be presented. Of course, in a state institution such as the Smithsonian this approach clearly expresses unconstitutional hostility toward theism and support to the contrary religious position, atheism. Consideration of the opposition to showing the film is especially informative about the nature of the objections to it.

It is clear that Randi and others want to censor ideas with which they disagree, that they want to control information presented to other people, and that they do not want to give others the privilege of viewing the film and making their own judgment. Randi argued that the public is not intellectually able to make their own judgments in this area—thus suggesting that Randi and his cohorts must make the judgment for them. Especially telling were the comments on the various internet talk groups.

Keep laughing at these frauds, everyone. Nor is she evidently aware that Gonzalez has published numerous major articles in the peer-reviewed literature supporting his views. This name calling is not relevant to whether the facts in the film are true. Yet this very modest proposal generates an enormous amount of hostility.

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Fortunately, the irrational attack against The Privileged Planet has been noted by other scientists. But most ISU students know that Avalos will throw mud at theism whenever possible if the ISU dietetics program hosted a Christian cooking conference, Avalos would show up with a batch of homemade Atheist cookies. Smithsonian backs off intelligent design film. World Net Daily , June 4, www. Avalos, H. The flaws in intelligent design.

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  8. Iowa State Daily letter , October Bhattacharjee, Y. Smithsonian gives grudging OK to film backing ID argument. Science Brumfiel, G. Evolutionist row makes museum ditch donation. Nature Coyne, J. Thanks to the Smithsonian, a brushfire is out. He is also the author and editor of several books in subjects as diverse as science, philosophy, and theology, including Are We Spiritual Machines?

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    Brand new Book. The Final FrontierContrary to popular belief, Earth is not an insignificant blip on the universe's radar. In The Privileged Planet, you'll learn about the world's: life-sustaining capabilities water and its miraculous makeup protection by the planetary giantsAnd how our planet came into existence in the first place.

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