The Magnificent 12: The Trap

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Michael Grant has created a series that whisk's readers into a fabulous world mixed with a rich mythology, intriguing mythological characters and creates a story line that's both fun and engaging.

The Magnificent 12: The Trap

This time Mack and his friends travel from China to Germany in their continued quest to find the rest of The Magnificent Twelve and defeat the Pale Queen. Along th 4. Along the way they meet or should I say get attacked by some rather interesting characters. One of my favorite new characters is Xiao, who's also featured on the front of the book. I loved being introduced to Xiao and her dragon family. I was really surprised with how much Mack has grown as a character.

While he still deals with all his phobias, he's also learned to think things through more. Mack also provides a lot of the comical relief in the story with his tongue in cheek comments. I found myself laughing out loud more than a few times. Stefan's character keeps getting better and better. I like that the world of The Magnificent Twelve continues to become much more creative.

New characters are introduced, and like the first book, The Trap has a great back story that parallel's with Mack's adventures via the story's bad guy. I like the way Michael Grant introduces Nine Iron, and allowed me to see why he's bad, and why he's after Mack. The Trap is a fabulous addition to a series I highly recommend picking for MG readers. There's a lot more humor in it, the characters have become much more in-depth, and the action is non-stop. Aug 06, Brittany rated it liked it Shelves: part-of-a-series , middle-grade.

Mack and his friends are still at it. They must assemble the Magnificent 12 before the Pale Queen rises, which is only a few days away.

Michael Grant

They find dragons, get followed by an ancient man in green, visit Thor and encounter all sorts of freaky creatures along the way. No matter how defeated they think they might be, they have to pull it together to save the world. The one thing that bugged me a lot about this book was all the product placement. There was quite often a lot of name dropping be it elec Mack and his friends are still at it.

There was quite often a lot of name dropping be it electronics or otherwise. I just think this dates a book and tries to grasp too hard at being cool. Besides that flaw, I loved this book as much as the first one. It was still quite humorous; Mack and his buddies are a lot of fun.

I like the new characters we get to meet as more of the Magnifica are gathered. Some of them are a little annoying, but bring a certain charm to the group regardless. I still think that this book should be in the hands of middle grade boys and girls alike. I imagine that once they read it they will eagerly anticipate the next book and the next book.

I know I'm waiting! First Line: "Grimluk—looking as grim as ever—said the following while appearing as an indistinct image in a shiny chrome object in a bathroom in Sydney, Australia: 'I cannot guide you much further, Mack of the Magnifica. Okay then, put it on a stick. Aug 01, Tami rated it liked it Shelves: goodreads-giveaways , I haven't received the book yet, just received notice I had won. Almost there. They find another, see the 9 dragons, escape from Paddy Nine Iron and travel to Germany.

They meet a bunch of different characters along the way. Some help them, others do not. The I haven't received the book yet, just received notice I had won. The Pale Queen will break free from her prison in 35 days, 34 days, 33 days Okay, First I haven't read the first book. Second, this one was a proof so there were errors in the writing. Third, it was written for younger kids, I would say the tween set year olds.

For that last reason alone I gave it 3 instead of 2. I found the story a bit contrived. Too many attacks, too similar in nature, predictable characters, etc. I loved the dragons but the rest seemed too bland for me. They never mentioned how Nine Iron could travel so fast. They didn't explain how one of the twelve ended up as Nine Iron's apprentince.

And maybe it was in the first book, but where are the parents? Only Mack has a golem sitting in for him. The others parents are just fine with their kids running around the world and fighting evil? Jun 14, Tony Keefer rated it really liked it Shelves: middle-grade-fantasy , read , middle-grade-action-adventure , bookaday-summer This was a very fun follow-up to the first book in the series.

Michael Grant's writing style in this series is very fun.

Tongue-in-cheek sequences sandwiched between high action give the adventure in this story a little bit of comical fun. It will be interesting to see where the next installment will take the main characters, especially the villainous Paddy "Nine-Iron" Trout. I loved the backstory that Grant wrote into t This was a very fun follow-up to the first book in the series.

The Magnificent The Trap by Michael Grant: Clue #7 - Novel Novice

I loved the backstory that Grant wrote into this book. It was like the Godfather meets Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Also Mack has started to become a more complicated character. I enjoyed seeing his thinking more in this story as he his processing the nearly impossible task of rustling up the rest of the Mag 12 and stopping the Pale Queen. The most interesting side character introduction in this book was Thor. I loved the idea that Asgard is in disarray and Thor is doing nothing but playing guitar, trying to learn Led Zeppelin songs.

Another side note to this is that Odin has become a super fan of a lousy German Soccer team. Grant may have disrupted Rick Riordan's plans to create a new series that centers on Norse Mythology. Jul 20, Shannon O'Donnell rated it it was amazing. First, I love, love, love Michael Grant. If he wrote it, you need to read it.

Magnifico & Taptone - Sonata

I love the storyline of The Magnificent Twelve, but the characters and humor trump all. I think I would read this even if the storyline was only so-so, that's how great the characters are and how much I enjoy the humor. The wild adventure begun in the The Call continues in The Trap, but the stakes are higher and we meet a new cast of characters along the way.

While I love Mack and his phobias, Stefan is still my favorite character by far.

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He started out as a mega-bully, but he's just mega-hilarious! I adore him. It's perfect for middle grade readers. All three of my kids love it. I love it. Even my father-in-law read it and loved it. It's a guaranteed hit. I've procrastinated in writing this review. Basically, this book was hilarious. It's also for kids.

Having read The Limit just prior to this, I wasn't expecting much from the middle-grade section. But this book was so good, it was a pleasant surprise. The humor was constant, making me laugh loudly in the middle of class. The action was exciting too, considering it's not proper YA.