Dialogues of the Word : the Bible as literature according to Bakhtin

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Related Content. Editor: H. The Didache, or Doctrine of the Twelve Apostles, is an important source for our knowledge of early Christianity. The Didache demonstrates that we should understand nascent Christianity and early Judaism as sharing to a large extent the same traditions.

The volume throws fresh light on the Jewishness of the Two Ways teaching in Didache It presents a cautious reconstruction of the Jewish prototype of the Two Ways and traces the Jewish life situation in which the instruction could emerge and flourish. This attempt is important, as it provides us with a Jewish source and its transmission underlying Christian and Jewish writings.

For example, it is shown how acquaintance with these traditional materials benefits our perception of the antithetical section in Matthew In the field of liturgical studies, a significant contribution is made to the discussion of Didache It improves our understanding of the Jewish provenance and historical development of Baptism and the Eucharist.

What Are the Origins of Intertextuality? - LITERARY THEORY #2

The book also presents an intriguing look into the redactional stages behind the materials about church discipline. The ministry of itinerant apostles and prophets moving from town to town, and their settling down in the community, is considered in the perspective of the larger environment of Jewish religious and cultural history. This volume will prove indispensable for all those engaged in the study of early Judaism, the New Testament, Patristics, the origins of Christian liturgy, and early Church history in general.

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Editor: David L. This wide-ranging introduction to the interpretation of the Apocalypse comes from scholars who have worked together for over a decade as members of the Society of Biblical Literature Seminar on Reading the Apocalypse: The Intersection of Literary and Social Methods. Unable to display preview.


Dialogues of the Word. The Bible as Literature According to Bakhtin

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VOICES: Bakhtin's Heteroglossia and Polyphony, and the Performance of Narrative Literature

Rashi, ad. On this second function, cf. Lentricchia and T. On the lack of closure in the creation narrative and elsewhere in the Bible, see H. Alfreda Aucouturier Paris: Gallimard, , pp.

Dialogue and Repetition

Bakhtin is not altogether consistent in this. On the other hand, the omnipotent deity of the Old Testament represents for Bakhtin the omniscient author whose point of view, external to the work of art, does not allow for true polyphony or true dialogue. Whilst no doubt there is a two-way traffic in progress between the two modes in the eighteenth century, we must surely recognize the priority of the tradition of realism and simplicity going back to the medieval genus humile and receiving an enormous impetus with the arrival of the vernacular Bible in the sixteenth century — all this long before the rise of the novel proper.

CrossRef Google Scholar. Walter L. Critics have disagreed as to the exact mythological pattern intimated in these verses. There is possibly here a mixture of Greek and Canaanite myths. Google Scholar. Bakhtin, Rabelais and his World , trans. Willard Trask New York: Doubleday, , pp. See S.


And see, Fisch, Poetry with a Purpose , pp. Martin Buber, I and Thou , trans. Roland Gregor Smith Edinburgh: T.