40 mm Antiaircraft Gun [Mk. 1, 2] [Ord. Pmphlt. 820, prelim]

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For this purpose, the recoil spring compressor , Figures 47 and Use spanner wrench to install the casing lock nut and tighten on the threaded end of the outside casing. Figure 47 Recoil spring compressor assembly used in removing and installing the recoil spring. Spanner wrenches and are required. Remove the two set screws and unscrew the spring keeper.

When the spring keeper is removed, the recoil spring assembly is confined within the outer casing of the recoil spring compressor. Pull the recoil spring and compressor off the front of the barrel. Install the inside casing in the nut end of the outside casing inside the spring , and install the screw assembly in the opposite end.

Using the hand crank Page 82 0. Turn the screw to the right until the spring is slighily compressed and with spanner wrench lL remove the casing lock nut. While holding the outside casing with spanner wrench l , turn the screw to the left to release the recoil spring. Remove the recoil spring, rear spring seat, and front spring seat from the spring compressor.

Remove the water jacket. Assembly of the Stripped Barrel Assembly Page 84 a. Install the water jacket. This nut is placed over the breech end of the barrel and screwed onto the water jacket until the. Use spanner wrench on the attaching nut and spanner wrench on the gun barrel.

Put in and tighten the set screw Install the recoil spring. For this operation the recoil spring compressor is required. Spanner wrenches l and are required. Install the flash hider. Loosen the collar.

Remove the retaining bolts. Lower the cylinder and remove.

Figure 49 Page 86 0. Remove the gland nut and the needle valve, Figure Remove the throttling rod. Remove the securing pin. Remove the piston rod.

Page 88 0. Remove the gland bushing, packings, and rings.

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Remove the check valve. Remove the valve seat and the throttling bushing. Assemble the valve seat on the throttling rod. Assemble the nut, spring, and check valve. Install the piston rod and the packing rings. Tighten the gland bushing with spanner wrench l. Install the securing pin. Install the throttling rod assembly. Tighten the throttling rod and install the needle valve. Fill the recoil cylinder. Install the fill plug and tilt the cylinder slowly several times. Again fill the cylinder to overflowing while inclined at 25 degrees. Install the locking plate.

Removal of the Loader Assembly a. Open the rear door.

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Remove the tray bolt. Push the bolt in against spring tension and rotate it 1! Page 92 Figure 53 Rear door-open. Figure 54 Removing the tray bolt. Remove the loader assembly. Slide the assembly part way back, and with two men applying the rear lifter and one the front lifter, raise the assembly as it leaves the supporting guides in the slide, Figure To prevent damage do not allow the assembly to rest or drop on the rear door. In the bottom picture, the lifters are in place and the loader ready to be removed. Installation of the Loader As.

Arc Rt 385 Repair Manual

Install the loader assembly. For this operation front lifter and rear lifter are required. Insert the rammer tray bolt. Close the rear door. Removal of the Rammer Tray Page 94 a. Remove the tray assembly. The loader assembly must be removed from the slide in order toremove the tray assembly. Figure 56 Removing the rammer tray. PAWL l.

Pieces Pelle Compacte Takeuchi Sn Manuel 17510003

PAWL R. Installation of the Rammer Tray a. Install the tray assembly. Disassembly of the Rammer Tray a. Remove the tray pawls shown in Figure Remove the rammer shoe nut and the lever bearing screws, Figure Remove the levers, plungers, springs, and the rammer shoe. Remove the spring seat locking screw, and the rammer. Figure 58 Removing bearing screw and rammer shoe nut.

Disassemble the rammer. Handle the spring carefully to avoid personal injury. Remove the rammer buffer. Assembly of the Stripped Rammer Tray a. Install the rammer buffer. Assemble the rammer. Install the rammer and the locking screw. Install the rammer shoe, plungers, plunger spring, and rammer levers. Install the lever bearing screws and the rammer shoe nut. Install the tray pawls, Figure Page 96 0. Remove the guides and the feed control mechanism. Figure 60 Feed control mechanism removed from the rear guide.

The rear guide must be removed before the clip guide can be taken off. Remove the frames. Figure 61 Removing a star wheel plunger. To remove the frame assemblies, the guides must be removed. Remove the star wheels. The frame assemblies must be removed in order to remove the star wheels. Figure 62 Removing a star wheel after the retaining screw has been removed.

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The star wheel shaft and extension piece are being withdrawn from the star wheel. Remove and disassemble the feed rods. The tray assembly must be removed in order to remove the feed rod assemblies. Instructions for removal are given on page It is not necessary, however, to remove the frame assemblies in order to service the feed rod assemblies. The following instructions apply to either of the feed rods.

For this operation the clamp is required. Figure 63 Removing the feed pawl holder.