24 Views of Mt. Fuji, by Hokusai

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In , at the age of 51, Hokusai changed his name to Taito and entered the period in which he created the Hokusai Manga and various etehon, or art manuals. He also began producing a number of detailed individual images of flowers and birds, including the extraordinarily detailed Poppies and Flock of Chickens. Constantly seeking to produce better work, he apparently exclaimed on his deathbed, "If only Heaven will give me just another ten years Just another five more years, then I could become a real painter.

These sketches are often incorrectly considered the precedent to modern manga , as Hokusai's Manga is a collection of sketches of animals, people, objects, etc. Hokusai inspired the Hugo Award winning short story by science fiction author Roger Zelazny , "24 views of Mt.

Fuji, by Hokusai", in which the protagonist tours the area surrounding Mt. Fuji , with each stop being a location painted by Hokusai.

The following is a selected list of Hokusai's works, listed chronologically. Each of these works has been mentioned or used as an illustration by one of Hokusai's biographers, and is either representative of Hokusai's best work or of specific periods in the development of his art. Lady and Attendants c.

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Lane, Richard Hokusai: Life and Work. Dutton, New York.

Mount Fuji in woodcuts by Hokusai

ISBN Nagata, Seiji Smith, Henry D. II Hokusai: One Hundred Views of Mt. George Braziller, Inc. Weston, Mark New York: Kodansha International.

  • An album of woodcuts “One hundred views of Mount Fuji by Hokusai”, the 2nd volume.
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Further reading General biography Bowie, Theodore The Drawings of Hokusai. Indiana University Press, Bloomington. Forrer, Matthi Hokusai Rizzoli, New York. Forrer, Matthi; van Gulik, Willem R. Frans Halsmuseum, Haarlem.

Hokusai: Paintings, Drawings and Woodcuts. Phaidon, London. On Artist Alert you can select one or more artists of your choice. If you do not have an artelino account, please first create an account. Text from Youtube: Katsushika Hokusai — was the first Japanese artist to be internationally recognized, and he continues to inspire artists around the world. As the home of the largest and finest collection of Japanese art outside Japan—including the greatest variety of Hokusai works in any museum—the MFA is uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive exhibition of this remarkable artist.

Also displayed are some of the most famous images in Japanese art, including Under the Wave Off Kanagawa Great Wave about —31 —from the legendary series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji—and the brilliantly colored multi-panel screen painting Phoenix Interested in Selling Japanese Prints? Auction of Japanese prints ending in 4 days, 12 hours, 30 minutes and 20 seconds.

Top 24 Best Views Of Mount Fuji - From Tokyo And Its Surroundings

Item Title Thirty-six Views of Mt. Hokusai Katsushika Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji - Red Fuji. Fuji - Surugadai. Aoyama - Thirty-six Views of Mt. Bushu Senju - Fugaku Sanju-rokkei re-carved edition.

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Fuji - Koshu. Fugaku Sanju-rokkei - Fujimigahara. Fuji - Ejiri. Mii Mise- Fugaku Sanju-rokkei. Ferryboat and Ryogoku Bridge - Fugaku Sanju-rokkei. Fuji - Koishikawa. Onden - Fugaku Sanju-rokkei.

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Enoshima - Fugaku Sanju-rokkei. Fuji - Ushibori. Yoshida - Fugaku Sanju-rokkei. Nihonbashi - Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji - Sekiya. Fuji - Noboto Bay.

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Lake at Hakone - Fugaku Sanju-rokkei. Fuji - Misaka.

  • Katsushika Hokusai “Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji” | 太田記念美術館 Ota Memorial Museum of Art!
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  • In the footsteps of Hokusai on Mount Fuji!
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Fuji - Hodogaya.